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Interactive quizzes, advergames in tourism gamification for higher user engagement, better conversion and more playful communication.

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30 % newsletter signup

According to our data, more than 30 % of users sign up for a newsletter after completing quizzes and games.

5 out of 10 visitors

to a website will start answering a quiz. Up to 70 % will finish the quiz and up to 30 % will sign up for a newsletter.

70 % of users

will finish a quiz on your website, as shown by our analysis of more than 50,000 played quizzes.

ANALIZA: Quiz Engagement Rate Report

Analizirali smo vedenje več kot 100.000 uporabnikov, ki so pričeli z igranjem Engagement kvizov. Oglejte si rezultate v prvi slovenski Quiz Engagement Rate analizi.


Interactive quizzes, advergames and tourism gamification for higher user engagement


Interactive quizzes for higher user engagement, segmentation and education.

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Advergames in all colours and shapes for a more creative and entertaining brand presentation.

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Entertaining games for tourist destinations that turn visitors into the protagonists of your story.

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