Educational web AR game: The friendly devil

With the entertaining and educational Mikul's Mischief game, we helped to further increase the visibility of the Kostel settlement.



Present the castle and local stories

How to present the local stories of Kostel to visitors with the help of advanced technology?


Increase the visibility of the destination

A unique attraction would increase the visibility of Kostel Castle and its surroundings.


Activation on mobile devices

Getting to know the location through an online application that enables sustainable tourism.


Suitable for all visitors

Great activation for individual or group visitors with mobile devices.

Suitable for all visitors to Kostel Castle

6 challenges and a final task

We also added a small local language class to the game

Average playing time over 10 minutes


Mikul’s Mischief online educational game.

Discover unique local attractions with the lovable protagonist, the devil Mikul. The mischievous devil that locals couldn’t get rid of is the protagonist of one of the more famous local stories and is the titular hero of our game.

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Already in 2019, we created a fun experience at Kostel Castle that lets you get to know the castle through the innovative mechanics of an escape game. In 2022, we upgraded the castle with a fun educational game, Mikul’s Mischief, which includes the use of the most modern technological solutions. The user is faced with a 3D capture of the castle with augmented reality and 360° photos. Everything is connected by uniquely designed gamification.


During the game, visitors explore the castle and solve six challenges with two types of mechanics. In some, the content is presented through a challenging quiz, while in others, players have to find and choose the right or appropriate point on the 360° photo.

With the help of 360° photos, we:

  • enabled entry to the small church that is located right under the castle and is otherwise closed off,
  • helped visitors see how far the castle used to extend with a photo of the lower castle,
  • showed a beautiful waterfall nearby and presented it to visitors precisely with the help of this type of task.

kostel game

Mikul’s devil constantly addresses the visitors during the game. Their task, of course, is to solve all the challenges correctly and thus help the inhabitants of Kostel to finally defeat Mikul’s devil and drive him out of Kostel. In the meantime, visitors also learn a little of the local dialect.


Upon successful completion of six tasks, the final challenge is unlocked – a digitized version of the local fix-nix game.


Fix-nix is a peddler’s raffle. Anyone who wanted to try their luck pulled out three tickets from the peddler’s purse.

If the sum of the tickets was less than 100, the peddler paid the player double the amount paid.

But if the sum of the drawn tickets exceeded 100, the peddler kept the payment.

As befits games of chance, the house had a much higher chance of winning. The players’ odds to win were less than 20%.

After a successfully solved fix-nix game, the last, final scene of the game awaits. With a 3D capture of the castle and augmented reality technology, the last scene awaits visitors in the magnificent knight’s room, with the castle and Mikul’s devil appearing in front of them.

If you want to find out what exactly happens, you’ll have to visit Kostel Castle. ?

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