Segmentation quiz: Braun Movember

In the already traditional pre-Advent collaboration with the Braun brand, the "Can You Recognise All the Celebrity Moustaches?" campaign was created.



To present the significance of Movember

Raise awareness of the movement that draws attention to prostate cancer.


The importance of mental health

Raise awareness of the importance of men's mental health.


Unobtrusive branding

A question about Braun shavers would also be included in the gamified solution.


Donation link

For every quiz played, Braun will donate to charity.

40% user engagement rate

70% of players finished the quiz

65% opt-in rate on the results display

26% subscription rate to the newsletter


An educational segmentation quiz.

The Can You Recognise All the Celebrity Moustaches? Movember quiz was a fun knowledge quiz that challenged users with their recognition of celebrity moustaches and beards, and educated them on the importance of Movember and Braun shavers.

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Process and product

As there was not much time and we wanted a solution that would not require too much onboarding effort from the users, a fun knowledge quiz with funny segments seemed like the right decision.

There were quite a few content suggestions, but they all seemed forced until the idea of recognising the moustaches of famous people was born. Of course, we quickly ran into a problem, as using photos of celebrities is not that easy or cheap. That’s why we combined illustrations and gifs.

The celebrity cast split the team into two camps: those who know Hulk Hogan and those who don’t. (Who doesn’t know Hulk Hogan?! ? )

When we had our cast, Nina found a set of interesting facts about each of the people, and we included the funniest and quirkiest ones in the quiz. We added a question about Movember and the Braun brand, enough to teach users ONE interesting thing about Movember and ONE main new technology of the Braun brand.

Polona took care of the illustrations and graphic design, and Andrej put everything together in the html-scss-javascript language into a quiz, as you can see below.


Results and effects of the campaign

The quiz activity took place throughout the month of November as part of the wider Braun campaign in cooperation with the Big Bang company. The website was visited by just under 3,000 visitors. 40% of them also participated in the quiz.


A good quiz funnel flow is confirmed by conversion rates

  • 70% of users who started the quiz also finished it,
  • 65% of all who joined the quiz entered their data on the opt-in screen,
  • only a little more than 4% of users chose the option “show results without participation”,
  • 26% of all players also signed up for the client’s e-newsletter (a segmented list that can be retargeted extremely effectively)
  • 15% transition of users to the selected sales offer,
  • 3% of users who got to the end of the quiz shared the game,
  • interaction with the Braun brand for a minute and a half.

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