Digitalization in tourism: The Russian Chapel in AR technology

How did the Russian Chapel get a completely new tourist dimension with our help?



Presentation of the wider history of the Russian Chapel

Visitors should learn about the story of Russian prisoners of war who built the road across Vršič.


No interference in the space

Modern technology would allow visitors to enter the otherwise locked chapel.


Digitisation of the Russian Chapel

By downloading the application, every visitor can get to know the Russian Chapel on their own, without a guide.


The game should be in five languages

As Vršič is visited by many tourists, the game should also be translated into foreign languages (English, Italian, German, Russian).

Unobtrusive integration of technology into nature

Visit possible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Open doors to the otherwise closed Russian Chapel

Publications in several prominent media


A mobile application with AR technology.

Kranjska Gora Tourism offered visitors, who cannot enter the Russian Chapel because it is only open on ceremonial occasions, the opportunity to learn about its story in a more interesting way than just by reading text on information boards – with an AR application.

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The story of the Russian prisoners of war who were building a road across Vršič in the hinterland of the Isonzo Front seems more remote with each passing year. Which, of course, does not mean that it is right to forget it. This is precisely why, together with Kranjska Gora Tourism, we embarked on the project of developing an AR application about the Russian Chapel and the Vršič road, and created a completely new tourist dimension.

The creative idea

We created an innovative app, where you can get to know the story of the Russian Chapel in six scenes with the help of augmented reality. You are led through the entire experience by a voice guide who can tell you the story in one of five supported languages. For the grand finale, you can also enter the interior of the Russian Chapel.

russian chapel map

Content and technical solution

We created an interactive adventure in AR technology – The Enriched History of the Russian Chapel. It introduces visitors to the entire history of the Russian Chapel with the help of six scenes and narration through a mobile app. It is an interactive mobile guide that presents the story of the Russian Chapel to the visitor in a modern, attractive way. It provides a fun and information-filled experience that users can experience 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. With the help of 3D capturing, the app displays the interior of the chapel. It allows the user to enter this beautiful building of special historical importance for the first time.

Six scenes that present the story of the Russian Chapel

1. The story first takes the visitor to the 19th century, when forestry was the most widespread activity in this area. This scene is presented to us by a local man, and we also see a horse.

2. We continue with the start of World War I, which led to faster road construction due to transport needs. In the scene, two trucks with military and medical equipment cross our path. One of them also carries a military cannon.

3. Next is a scene with a description of the difficult conditions in which Russian prisoners of war worked and lived. In the scene, we see two soldiers at work, one of them falls to his knees due to suffering and begins a Russian prayer.

4. During the First World War, a freight cable car led to the top of the Vršič pass, which we reconstructed on the basis of photographs. We can see the operation of the cable car and the soldiers who carefully control the transport of cargo.

5. In 1916, the prisoners of war who were building the road and some of their supervisors were buried by an avalanche. The penultimate scene tries to relive the disaster.

6. Since the chapel is mostly locked, we also made it possible to enter it and walk around the interior with the help of the application. With the help of 3D technology, visitors can see what is hidden inside.


Random tourists, local visitors and people working in various museums all helped us test the entire experience. Everyone was impressed by the performance, and they were even more moved by the sensitively presented story of the prisoners who lost their lives in this place. In their words, this is an app that, despite its simple use, provides an incredible augmented reality experience and a journey to a space and time that we cannot even imagine today.

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