JUPOL Quizlover: Do You Know the Colourful Global Events?

With the JUB brand, we created a fun quiz about colourful global events with an emphasis on the JUPOL Classic paint.



Presentation of JUB products

Present JUPOL Classic and DIPI products through a colourful quiz about global events.


Activate users

Through fun activation, ensure that users spend more time with the JUB brand.


Solution for 4 countries

The quiz should be available for four markets, in four languages – Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.


A charitable note

For each quiz played, JUB donated a pot of paint for the renovation of the Zambratija children's resort.

A quiz for a 16 million market

24,732 quizzes played

68% of users completed the quiz

25% newsletter signup


Educational segmentation quiz: JUPOL Quizlover.

JUPOL Quizlover: Do You Know the Colourful Global Events? is a cute quiz about global events whose colourfulness is connected to JUB's JUPOL Classic white paint or DIPI tinting agent in one way or another.

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How to present the JUB brand in a different way?

With a fun quiz that challenges users to know colourful global events and simultaneously educates them about JUB and its products. Out of a total of 10 questions, 6 are related to the JUPOL Classic white paint, 2 to the DIPI tinting agent and 2 specifically to the JUB brand.

JUB quiz

The global events we connected with the white paint:

  • Queen Victoria’s wedding
  • ski jumping in Planica
  • the Eurochocolate chocolate festival
  • man landing on the Moon
  • the Festival of San Fermín
  • daisies blooming in spring

The events connected with the DIPI tinting agent:

  • La Tomatina (red DIPI)
  • St Patrick’s Day (Green DIPI)

The questions about the JUB brand were related to:

  • its most recognizable brand JUPOL

quiz JUPOL

Campaign results

The campaign lasted between 15 and 30 days in different countries.

The largest number of users participated in the Croatian market – 12,989, which is 54 % of all quizzes played.

The Slovenian market also had very good conversions, as 69 % of users reached the end of the quiz. Of these, 57 % submitted their email for the prize draw, and 30 % also signed up for the newsletter. This was also the highest percentage of newsletter signups of any participating market.

With 44 %, the Serbian market had the highest engagement rate of all markets.

The Bosnian market, however, had the highest finish rate – as many as 71 % of all users who started solving the quiz played it to the end. In general, the finish rate was higher than 66 % in all markets.

JUB quiz statistics

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