Urban family escape game

We helped the Ljubljana dragon travel through different periods of Ljubljana's history.



Present Ljubljana and its sights

How to present Ljubljana and its sights to children and tourists in a fun way?


A unique game for families

Create a unique game with local myths, connected in a story with puzzles and equipment.


A fun and educational game

Visitors should learn something through the game, but it is even more important that it is fun.


An experience similar to escape room games

The experience should take place around the centre of Ljubljana and contain elements of escape games.

Suitable for schools, families and tourists

8 stories, 8 quests + 3 additional unlock quests

Game challenge with comics

Average playing time 80 minutes


An urban family adventure around Ljubljana through comics.

The Dragon’s Unusual Journey is an innovative urban adventure through the city centre, which we created together with the Ljubljana Tourism public institute. It is intended for families with children and functions as a combination of an escape room, a treasure hunt and a guided tour of the city's history.

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The Dragon’s Unusual Journey through Ljubljana’s history

Together with the symbol of Ljubljana, the dragon Ljubo, learn about the unique sights of the capital of Slovenia and help Ljubo pass the knowledge test that will let him remain a symbol of the city. Will he be able to reach the goal despite time running out?

Since Ljubljana, despite its small size, has quite a lot of interesting corners and stories that are rarely known by children or foreign visitors, we decided to create an innovative challenge in which the youngest explorers, with the help of their parents, decipher tasks and discover real historical information related to Ljubljana’s landmarks. At the same time, through the story and comics, they also learn about the legend of the dragon, the symbol of the city of Ljubljana.

The Dragon’s Unusual Journey

Through the laws of gamification, visitors receive an entertaining and educational experience.

Through the comics, the players get to know eight stories of Ljubljana. At the end, a test of knowledge awaits them and the dragon, as they have to prove to the city gentry that the dragon is still worthy to be the symbol of the city. To make the adventure even more interesting, they get a box with three locks at the beginning, a map that guides them from the first to the last point of the journey, and other necessary props.

The stations are marked in order with numbers on the map. There is also an illustration next to each number that depicts the location. Players must follow the map to successfully reach the goal. At the side, they have space for solving tasks:

urban family adventure map

The stations are divided into three sections:

Station 1, 2, 3 – section 1
Station 4, 5 – section 2
Station 6, 7, 8 – section 3

It is important that players solve the tasks at all the stations, as this is the only way they will be able to open all the locks, get to the end of the story and successfully help the dragon Ljubo pass his test.

treasure hunt ljubljana

The stations include

– a story about a specific location and period of Ljubljana,
– a comic relating to the story and task,
– a task related to the story or location,
– an interesting fact: “Did you know?”


If you would like to help the dragon Ljubo to keep his title, go on an unusual journey with him! But beware! Only the most dedicated explorers can unravel the dragon’s fate and win the prize!

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