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Add a quiz to your online communication, create a more fun and playful bond with your users and obtain better data.

How it works? Solve a quiz!


There are several reasons, we’ve highlighted four🍀


Quizzes are an effective tool for gathering user data. We record upwards of 30 % newsletter signups.

More entertaining

Quizzes actively engage users in communication and convey more information in a more entertaining way.


Include more users already on the landing page. Usually 50 % of visitors participate in the quiz.


If you aren't yet collecting first-party data, you certainly will soon. Try quizzes!

How does Quizbox work👨‍🔬

Quizbox is a complete turnkey solution for all types of marketing managers, strategists and gurus. Whether you want to add a fun quiz to your own or a client's campaign, Quizbox can help. It's simple, versatile, fast and features expert support from the Quizbox team. Of course, it allows you to fully customize the quiz with your content, colours, logo ...

If your afternoon hobby is keeping track of graphs, tables and completed analytical goals, we have great news for you (if you need to read the data on your computer at work, it’s even better). All quizzes are equipped with transparent, simple and useful graphic analytics.

We use our own analytical tool, which we adapt to the specific needs of the client for each campaign.

GDPR compliance, precise terms and conditions, servers in Slovenia and the rest of the most boring but legally required things have been arranged so that you don’t have to deal with them.

Animations, soft transitions and elements of surprise are becoming the standard of modern digital solutions. Quizbox already includes them in the basic version, and the most daring ones among you can also add sound effects to the quizzes. At your own risk! And we’ve already mentioned that interactive design affects the user experience and conversion rates, right? We haven't? Well, it does.

In case it isn’t be obvious, we like to play quite a bit. The quizzes are equipped with real-time scoring that informs users of their progress and performance as they solve them. In addition, the user always sees their place on the leaderboard and therefore solves your brand’s quiz even more actively and with more focus.

Yes, yes, we’re rolling our eyes too, but we have to point it out. The quizzes work on all devices. Computer, smartphone, tablet, Tamagotchi, Nokia 3310, ... you name it. Mobile design first, everything else later. Advanced, huh?


Kviz Engagement Rate Report

Prva slovenska analiza o marketing kvizih!

Analizirali smo vedenje več kot 100.000 uporabnikov, ki so pričeli z igranjem Engagement kvizov. Oglejte si rezultate v prvi slovenski Quiz Engagement Rate analizi.

  • koliko % uporabnikov se vključi v kviz?
  • kakšne je povprečna % končanih kvizov?
  • kolikor uporabnikov se prijavi na enovice?
  • koliko vprašanj ima najboljši lead-gen kviz?
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Quiz types and mechanics

Knowledge quiz

A knowledge quiz is an excellent tool for checking a user's knowledge on a certain topic. Each question has a predetermined correct answer. At the end, the user learns the number of correct answers.

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Level quiz

A level quiz is usually longer because the user has to solve more levels or chambers of the quiz. New levels can be opened when the first one is solved or over a period of time. The quiz is a great tool for maintaining contact with users or for a longer one-time activity.

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Personality quiz

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Video quiz

The main advantage of the video quiz is that the user has to view the played video in much more detail, as they will have to answer the questions in it.

Sales quiz

By answering the question, the user receives the best product or service they are inquiring about. With a sales quiz, you add an effective sales in the form of interactive communication to the webshop. A great tool for increasing conversion rates.

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Segmentacijski kviz

The goal of the segmentation quiz is for the user to ultimately find out which segment they belong to. In this way, you more personalized addresses and communication can be prepared.

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Kako ti lahko pomaga?💪


Because they arouse curiosity and interest in users, they are an effective tool for lead generation. An opt-in form before displaying the quiz results works wonders🪄

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Quizzes are a great magnet for reaching new users on social media and in ads. And an even better one for getting data from your online visitors 🥰

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Upgrade your email list of users and classify them into meaningful segments. This way you can customize and personalize communication 💬

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Be the one where users learn something new in a fun and interactive way. Users will reward you with trust and good responses💌

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Sales quizzes are becoming an important part of all online stores that want to take users through the sales funnel even faster. They're an excellent tool for recommendations based on preferences and interests 🛒

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They are great for user education. They present the topic in an interactive way in the questions and explain the essence through entertaining trivia texts 🎓

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