Online escape room: The Hunt for a #mojBosch Appliance

The third edition of the #myBosch campaign returned with an online escape room that introduced Bosch products to users.



Educating customers about Bosch products and the importance of beautiful design

With small and large household appliances, it is no longer just their function that is important, but also their design, which is why we would like to highlight it.


Nine-month activation with three retail partners and an influencer

Activation in three periods, each in cooperation with one online store of a retail partner – Merkur, Big Bang and Mimovrste – and Urška Oman.


Engagement, interaction and playing with the Bosch brand

The user should have fun while learning about the new aspect of Bosch appliances and participate in interactive posts on social media.


Raising visibility and acquiring future customers

With the help of playful and informative social media posts by Bosch Home, retail partners and the influencer, we would increase the number of online followers, played games and future customers.

130,983 website views

12,269 users on the website

In the game, 84% of all users who started the game submitted their email

4:25 average time on site


Online escape room game The Hunt for a #myBosch Appliance.

The Hunt for a #myBosch Appliance is an online escape game that took users into the kitchen, where they had to unlock the mystery and find the hidden Bosch appliance. Everyone who proved their skill and played the game to the end competed for nice Bosch prizes.

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While the first and second editions of the #mojBosch campaign discovered the delicious dishes of all participants, the third one opened the door to beautiful kitchens. The kitchen is not only a place where we cook, but an indispensable, tastefully furnished room in our home. Home decor guru, #myBosch queen Urška Oman, helped users with tips and tricks on how to achieve this.


The campaign took place in three periods. Each period had its own retail partner and its own online kitchen, in which users had to discover a hidden Bosch appliance through various tasks. The appliance (a Bosch refrigerator or oven) was also the main prize. It was hidden in the online store of one of the participating campaign partners – Merkur, Big Bang and Mimovrste. Users could access the online store and appliance only if they collected enough points in the first four games of the online escape game and submitted their email:

Slider (how much temperature is needed to bake certain food)

Drag and drop (adding ingredients to the small household appliance MUM5 or the MultiTalent8 food processor)

– Where’s Waldo? (find all the Bosch appliances in the kitchen as quickly as possible)

Quiz (five questions related to Bosch, cooking and baking)

online escape room #mojBosch

Greater engagement of users was also ensured by playful posts on the online channels of Bosch, the retailers and influencer Urška, which encouraged users to play and read interesting articles about small and large household appliances and kitchen aesthetics.

#mojBosch campaign

Campaign results

In nine months, as many as 12,269 users visited the Hunt for a #myBosch Appliance website. Of these, 4,647 started the game and 3,239 finished it.

The game consisted of five games. Everyone could play four, but only those who submitted their mail (opt-in) could enter the final, fifth game. Of those who started the game, as many as 84% of users submitted their email.

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