Online advent calendar of sweet surprises

We prepared an online advent calendar for Lidl Slovenia, helping promote their festive offer.



Presentation of Favorina sweets

How to present them in a way that would increase their visibility and sales?


Month-long activity

A one-month activation that would encourage users to return to the website daily.


A different mini game every day

We chose 6 simple game mechanics and created different content related to Favorina products for each day.


A hidden message after the end of the game

After the end of the game period, the user would learn a hidden message – end-of-year greetings.

6 game mechanics and 24 pieces of content

21,625 users

84% completed daily games

47% newsletter registrations (opt-in users)


An online advent calendar advergame.

The December Calendar of Sweet Surprises is a festive advergame that we created together with Lidl Slovenia. With hidden games behind each window, it encouraged users to return to the website every day and increased the recognition and sales of Favorina sweets.

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How to create an interactive holiday offer promotion?

With a festive advergame: a December calendar with 24 closed windows, under which sweet surprises are hidden.

Users could participate in the game for as many days as the calendar had windows (24). They did so by opening a new field of the December calendar each day and solving a simple game.

The games consisted of 6 different game mechanics:

  • find the item
  • memory game,
  • drag and build a picture,
  • a riddle with an input field,
  • video quiz,
  • quiz.

Lidl advent calendar

Each of the games had unique content related to the festive period, Favorina products or Lidl’s song Together We Can Do Anything.

There was even a video with sign language hidden in the last window, where it was necessary to understand what the video was saying. The Lidl Slovenia team dedicated part of the proceeds from the sale of Deluxe products to the purchase of aids for the development of children and adolescents in institutions for the deaf and hard of hearing.

From a calendar to a surprise picture with a hidden message

When the game was solved correctly, users were shown the sweet secret of the day. It could be an interesting fact related to Favorina products or Lidl’s Together We Can Do Anything campaign. When the user closed the day’s field or the day was over, a new thumbnail appeared on the calendar page in the place where the number (which matched the date) used to be. Sometimes it was just an illustration, other times it was a word that slowly formed a hidden message. Thus, the calendar gradually, day by day, changed into a new image. After the 24 days users were greeted by a hidden picture with a ‘happy holidays’ greeting from the Lidl Slovenia team.

Lidl Advent calendar

Campaign effects

The games were simple, cute and quick to solve. As many as 1,100 users opened more than 10 daily windows, which means that they returned to the page more than 10x.

Since each game could only be played 1x per day, this means that they returned for more than 10 days in the 24-day campaign period.

In order to win the prize, users also had to enter their email address. As many as 47% of all users who completed the game did so.

Lidl calendar



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