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7flags method

The 7 key pillars of gamification for fun and effective experiences.

The goal

What exactly should the user do? What is the purpose of the game or solution? How do we know if the user has achieved the goal? Did they achieve it successfully?


How to play the game? What should the user NOT do? The rules limit and make it difficult for the user to play, but they trigger motivation and interest. How to determine them?


Does the user know what happened and how to proceed? What graphic, content and technical feedback to provide to the user? When? How much? What effect does it have?

Reward mechanism

No no, we're not talking about rewards for playing, but about the information that shows the user which milestone in the game they have reached. What can they do with it and which others can they reach?


Why would a user play the game? Does the solution give them intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? What's the difference?


What kind of environment is the game set in? Physical? Digital? Web or mobile app? VR or AR technology?


How to determine meaningful indicators of success? How to determine an attribution model that shows us the broader picture of the impact of the solution on concrete business goals?


Interactive quizzes, advergames and tourism gamification for higher user engagement


Interactive quizzes for higher user engagement, segmentation and education.

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Advergames in all colours and shapes for a more creative and entertaining brand presentation.

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Entertaining games for tourist destinations that turn visitors into the protagonists of your story.

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