Paw Patrol: The Movie advergame

Together with Lidl Slovenia, we created a fun online game for a more engaging promotion of the new Paw Patrol film.



Interactive promotion of Paw Patrol products

We would promote the new Paw Patrol film in a more creative and entertaining way.


Greater user engagement

Increase user engagement with the Lidl brand with the help of an advergame.


Using the main characters

Users can choose to use the main characters that appear in the Paw Patrol film.


The target group is children

Since the Paw Patrol film is suitable for children, the game should also be created for the same age group.

1,000+ games played

60% of users played more than 3 games

6:20 average game time

40% of newsletter subscriptions


The A Delicious Mission object pick-up advergame.

We transformed a wide range of promotional and official graphic materials into a fun tiered game, A Delicious Mission, played by more than 1,000 different users. They had to collect as many treats and badges as possible while avoiding the mayor.

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The development process

The main guideline we had in mind while designing the game was that the game should be challenging, graphically rich and fun.

The planning alone was a challenge for the current project, as there was a huge amount of official game materials. Access to the official library of materials also represented a new dimension for us, as we usually do not have such rich libraries of graphics at our disposal. The only challenge we encountered was that the materials did not contain any animated or cut-out characters.

Once we had selected the appropriate materials and determined the playing mechanism, the design team began preparing the materials. We defined all the characters that the players could choose from. We also defined the themes of the different rooms of the game, and created the game mechanics for each room.

Based on the official communication used in the game, we created texts for the entire game, feedback in the game and other supporting materials.

paw patrol characters

The main development highlights of the game:

– the game is implemented on the website with iframe code,
– the game is fully adaptable for all types of devices and browsers,
– when choosing the character to play, this character appears as the main communication character throughout all game screens.

Lidl Paw Patrol advergame

Results and effects of the campaign

With the game, we wanted to create a unique experience for children even before the release of the film with their favourite characters from the popular Paw Patrol cartoons. The game was played by more than 1,000 children during the month-long promotional campaign, who clearly enjoyed the game, as more than 60% of players played the game more than 3x, and the average playing time is well over 6 minutes. Also, customized communication about additional information about the film piqued the interest of the children’s parents. As many as 40% of them signed up for the client’s newsletter.

Paw Patrol advergame

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