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Escapebox rešitve - Quizbox


Interactive quizzes are a popular and effective tool for more entertaining communication with users. Sell, educate, entertain, get to know or more actively engage your future customers.

  • Lead generation
  • Better knowledge of users (segmentation & personalization)
  • Zabavno komuniciranje z uporabnik
  • Creating your own zero-data
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Escapebox rešitve - Gamebox


Advergames for everyone who wants to address, excite and entertain their users in a more creative and different way. Gamebox is an imaginative solution for a unique presentation of your brand. It allows for a wide variety of customizations and fun in-game branding and product placement. For all generations and devices.

  • Emotional connection with the users
  • Different from the competition and boring promotional messages
  • A unique and fun presentation of the brand
  • Involving users in your brand
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Escapebox rešitve - Adventurebox


Unique experiences, treasure hunts and escape games to present a tourist destination in an innovative way. We thrill visitors with an unforgettable experience of your tourist destination.

  • Unique scenario and game mechanics for your destination
  • Incorporating historical facts, locations and characters into the experience itself
  • Purpose-built play props and items
  • The WOW effect in every gamified experience
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